Patrick Hoban,
Founder and Instructor

Patrick Hoban is the founder and president of Three Three Leadership. He has been developing his leadership approach and these programs for the last 15 years.

Patrick has started three successful businesses, selling off one of them while maintaining his position as the president and CEO. He has experience training and coaching everyone from staff-level employees to presidents of 3,000+ person companies.

Patrick has also been lucky enough to speak in front of hundreds of people as well as doing 1-on-1 leadership and life coaching with close to a hundred people.

Steve Baynai,

Steve has been fortunate to practice leadership nearly his whole life, making it his passion and mission over the past 10 years to serve others in a way that helps to maximize their potential.

Currently, Steve is a partner in a PT practice where he not only owns and leads his own clinic, but also works alongside and mentors many of their Clinic Directors. Additionally, he has helped grow several small startups.

His goal in teaching is to equip participants with the tools they need to lead at a higher level and have a positive impact on the world.

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