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I have been Blessed to be a leader for the last 25 years – running departments, founding and owning 4 different companies, and being the president and CEO of multiple companies.

In that time, I have learned from many great leaders and have developed a philosophy that is grounded in 3 primary areas – Leading Inward, Leading Outward, and Your Leadership Journey.

I have been lucky enough to speak in front of hundreds of people as well as doing 1-on-1 leadership and life coaching with close to a hundred people.

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Leadership Development - Yearlong Program

The best offering I have is a yearlong leadership program.   It is 10-session program that teaches you about yourself, how to lead others with impact and how to learn specific skills like emotional intelligence, difficult conversations, resilience, being a happy and confident leader!

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1:1 Coaching

I am available to do 60-90 minute leadership coaching sessions to help you build your leadership impact and success!



I am available to work with an individual or a group doing consultations on specific issues or on larger topics like team-building.

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Self Development

True coaching is a process of self growth and development.  The goal is to help people become their best self and leader.

See What People Say

When the opportunity came to take a leadership course from Patrick, it was a no brainer. It has been one of the best professional and personal decisions I’ve made in my life. He is a caring, compassionate and effective communicator, all of which, the best leaders are. The resources and knowledge I have gained has allowed me to confidently build my own leadership style and I look forward to utilizing these tools with my coworkers, family, and friends.
Larry P.
I cannot describe how much I have grown both professionally and personally since taking this leadership class. I would highly recommend Patrick to any leadership team that is seeking a way to develop leaders both professionally and personally. Patrick is also willing to share his faith and he makes mention of the fact of how much he believes in the power of prayer. He is an absolutely amazing leader and teacher but more importantly he is a great human being.
Dean M.
Some people have been put on this earth to do great things. Patrick’s gift is training great leaders. Not only does he walk the walk of a humble, smart, passionate, and vulnerable servant leader; but during our talks, he created a space for honest reflection and insight that has transformed my life at work and home. I deeply know myself and my gifts because Patrick shared his with me. Thanks Patrick!!
Adam N.
Patrick’s leadership has helped me succeed by learning how to inspire my staff, gain their trust, and have them want to follow me instead following me because of my position. He is truly one of the most altruistic people I know, accepting all opportunities to develop staff as leaders. He has a gift for recognizing hidden talents and developing them in a way that is specific to the person’s personality.
Greg K.
Everyone should have the chance to take the servant leadership program so they can learn how to: Be the better version of themselves, improve their relationship with others, become a true leader and making a meaningful difference in the world. Thank you Patrick for this gift!
Michele M.
Patrick is truly an ambitious leader with a passion for life-long learning, who cares deeply about seeing people become their best selves. He’s helped provide me with new skills that have reframed my mindset and guided me on a path to being better, both personally and professionally.
Nick S.
Patrick shares a depth of knowledge that he has gained through not only professional experiences but personal. The culture he has created should be an industry standard. He inspires one to find a path that will lead you to be your best self. This program has transformed my role professionally and has allowed me to develop communication styles that are life skills.
Jennifer B.
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Three Tree Leadership is founded on helping people to know themselves better, understand other people better, and learn the tools to be great leaders.

Patrick Hoban is the founder and president of Three Three Leadership. He has been developing his leadership approach and these programs for the last 15 years.

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Yearlong Leadership Program

Maximize your own and other’s potential, in an online live leadership training program created by Patrick Hoban to help you develop yourself regardless of where you are in your career. Experience a life-changing process where you will learn how to understand yourself, your employees and leadership better than you ever imagined. Imagine a program that both helps you to become your best self and a person that others actually WANT to follow!

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