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Many people in leadership roles can feel alone in their position. Three Tree Leadership 1-on-1 Coaching is here to provide you with an expert and a friend who’s on your side for all of life’s decisions. These sessions are designed to help you advance in your career and in your life overall, giving you an objective sounding board for the obstacles you face and leading to a happier life in general.

Each of our three experienced coaches are committed to helping you become the best possible version of yourself, in all aspects of your life. Through each session, you’ll be given the tools to advance in your career, such as how to create healthy relationships and a vibrant workplace culture, as well as effectively manage difficult situations. This guidance will also spill over into your personal life, helping you understand how to best tackle life’s challenges and positively impact those around you.

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Patrick Hoban

Patrick Hoban is the founder and president of Three Three Leadership. He has been developing his leadership approach and programs for the past 15 years. Patrick has started three successful businesses, selling off one of them while maintaining his position as the president and CEO. He has experience training and coaching everyone from staff-level employees to presidents of 3,000+ person companies.

I was lucky enough to have my own leadership coach for 7 years that changed my life in a positive way. Now, I love that I am able to do the same thing for other people.”

Steve Baynai

Steve has been fortunate to practice leadership nearly his whole life, making it his passion and mission over the past 10 years to serve others in a way that maximizes their potential. Currently, Steve is a partner in a PT practice where he not only owns and leads his own clinic, but also works alongside and mentors many of their Clinic Directors. Additionally, he has helped grow several small startups. Steve’s goal in coaching is to equip people with the tools they need to lead at a higher level and have a positive impact on the world.

To say that coaching has been life changing is an understatement. Coaching has been my catalyst to greater awareness and more effective leadership, personally and professionally. It brings me great joy to be that catalyst for others.”

Kelly Poppaw

Kelly has spent much of her life and career working on self-development and growth. She has completed over 15 self-development courses, worked with two private leadership coaches, and continuously engages
with materials on the topic. Kelly has been coaching leaders through her own consulting business, and mentors her staff as a Clinic Director at Probility Physical Therapy. Her skillset lies in building culture and helping people reach
their full potential.

I’ve always been good at asking the right questions to help others see themselves in a different light. I love coaching because it’s thrilling to help someone in the process of reaching their full potential.”


Three Tree Leadership 1-on-1 Coaching is booked and pre-paid for 6 consecutive months minimum/at a time. Sessions may be held once per month or twice per month, as requested. Session price differs by coach (see below).

Patrick Hoban: $400 per session

Steve Baynai: $150 per session

Kelly Poppaw: $150 per session

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal and professional growth and development (getting to the “next level” of your life and career), overcoming obstacles that limit growth, dealing with difficult staff and situations, finding a great work-life balance, learning how to be a mission focused leader, building great teams and cultures, plus so much more!

Click one of the orange “Inquire Here” buttons on this page or send an email directly to [email protected]. Please include your preferred coach and schedule (i.e., 1 session per month or 2 sessions per month). We will then connect you with that coach so you can begin to schedule sessions.

1-on-1 coaching sessions are held virtually, over Zoom.

Each coaching session is 1 hour.


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